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Deregulation started in the late 1990s but residents didn't feel the effects right away because the legislature put in place rates caps that didn't expire until recently. Now that rate caps are gone, more and more Pennsylvania residents and businesses are discovering how valuable the PA Power Switch program is. Choosing a new energy supply plan thanks to PA electric choice can potentially save you money and give you the power to switch to a supplier you prefer.

Whether you live or work in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or another area of the state, find your city below to learn more!

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What is Pennsylvania electric choice?

The Electricity Generation Choice and Competition Act, passed by the state legislature in 1997, allowed for PA electric choice. Initially, the ability to choose electricity in Pennsylvania had a limited effect on individuals. The state took precautions to ease the transition to the new model by placing rate caps on utilities across the state, but in 2011 the last rate cap expired.

Electric choice took the sole responsibility of supplying electricity away from the utilities and offered it to Pennsylvania electric suppliers as well. These suppliers purchase electricity wholesale and sell it directly to consumers while utilities deliver power through the existing infrastructure of transmission lines. Of course, consumers can continue to receive supply from their utility. Utilities remain responsible for maintaining electrical infrastructure in your area. If you notice a power outage or electrical emergency, report it to your local utility immediately.

What is Pennsylvania gas choice?

The deregulation of the gas market soon followed the electricity switch when the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law in 1999. Similar to the PA electric choice system, the legislation gave Pennsylvania residential and business customers the opportunity to choose which Pennsylvania company supplies their gas.

As with the power program, your relationship with your local utility will remain regardless of what retail supplier you choose, whether it's an independent gas supplier or your utility. It will continue to deliver your gas supply through the pipes that run underneath your neighborhood and ensure that the system is working properly. Any issues with your gas supply, such as a leak, should be reported to your utility immediately.

Pennsylvania Energy Frequently Asked Questions:

What Pennsylvania suppliers are available?

Who do you call to report a power outage in Pennsylvania?

If your electricity it out, it's important to immediately contact your utility, not your Pennsylvania electric supplier. Find your utility's information below to report a loss of power:

Electric Utility

Phone Number

Citizen’s Electric Company


Duquesne Light Company








Penn Power


Pike County Light and Power


PPL Electric Utilities


UGI Electric Service


Wellsboro Electric Company


West Penn Power



Who do you call to report a gas emergency in Pennsylvania?

Natural gas emergencies are extremely dangerous. Call your utility if you have discovered a gas leak or if you experience an interruption in service. Find your utility's contact information below:

Gas Utility

Phone Number



Columbia Gas of PA


Equitable Gas


Leatherstocking Gas Company


National Fuel Gas






Philadelphia Gas Works


Orange & Rockland


UGI Gas Service (UGI Penn Natural Gas)


UGI Central Penn Gas


Valley Energy



Updated: 9-26-16.

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