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Last updated 06/09/2022

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Belton electricity rates

The SaveOnEnergy marketplace makes it easy for Belton residents to find the best Belton electricity plan to power their homes. Our marketplace allows you to search online for local plans that meet your needs and compare electricity rates from different energy providers at no additional cost.

How to find the best electricity rates in Belton with

Ready to shop for your next electricity plan? Electricity rates fluctuate based on a variety of factors that you can’t control, so it’s important to act quickly when you find a good rate on a plan that meets your needs. Just follow these simple steps to begin the search for your new provider:

  1. Enter your ZIP code to start shopping for electric rates and plans. You’ll discover a list of plans and prices in your area.
  2. Select your plan and sign up. Once you find the list of plans available, you can compare and decide which one best suits your needs.
  3. Enjoy your reliable energy service. Your new supplier will handle the service setup, so you can relax and enjoy your new electricity plan.

Cheap energy prices in Belton

​​Electricity rates fluctuate regularly, and often unpredictably, in Texas’s deregulated energy market. Rates can increase and decrease with the changing seasons and other factors. Below is a chart that shows electricity costs measured in cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Price fluctuations based on Energy Information Administration (EIA) data illustrates these changes over time.

With these frequent price changes, when you find a good rate, it may be wise to lock it in with a fixed-rate plan or risk paying a higher rate later. When you shop through the SaveOnEnergy marketplace, we’ll show you the most affordable rates available in your area and help you sign up for the plan you choose in minutes.

Energy providers and utility companies in Belton

Thanks to Texas’ deregulated energy market, Belton residents can choose their energy providers, which manage and sell electricity to consumers. While you can choose your provider, you can’t choose the utility company, which delivers your electricity and maintains the local electrical infrastructure.

Power outages in Belton

No matter what provider supplies electricity for your home, your local utility still delivers the power and maintains the electric infrastructure. Oncor Electric Delivery is the utility company for Belton residents. You should contact Oncor if you experience a power outage, notice a downed power line, or experience any other electrical issues in your area:

  • Report an outage online or by calling 1-888-313-4747
  • Reach Oncor customer service by calling 1-888-313-6862 or emailing

Electricity rates in my area

Electricity rates vary depending on your location. Due to fluctuating utility transmission charges in different regions, the rate someone pays in one part of the state could be different from the rate you pay in Belton, even for the same provider and plan. Because of this, it is important to shop for accurate quotes using your ZIP code. You can get started by entering your ZIP code above. From there, we’ll show you accurate rates for your area and let you easily compare your options.

Current energy trends in Belton

As summer temperatures begin to increase across Texas, electricity rates have also gone up. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) predicts that there will be record energy demand this summer. As of June 8, 2022, Texas electric rates have continued to increase.

How weather affects Belton electricity rates

The summer temperatures in Belton are often in the 90s, and during the winter, it’s not unusual to see temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Because of these extreme temperatures, electricity demand tends to rise in the summer and winter, and with this comes an increase in the rates as well. One way you can potentially save on your electricity bill is by locking in a fixed-rate plan during the spring and fall when demand and rates tend to be lower.

Types of plans in Belton

When you sign up for your Belton electricity plan, you are able to choose between many types of plans, including fixed-rate, variable-rate, and no-deposit plans options. To learn more, visit our guide to picking the right plan. If you have any questions or want to discuss your options with someone, call the number on your screen to speak to one of our energy experts.

Fixed-rate plans in Belton

A fixed-rate energy plan enters you into a contract for a period of 12 or more months. With this contract, your energy rate is fixed and won’t fluctuate despite any changes in the energy market. This type of plan is perfect for someone who seeks stability in their budget. However, because you will be locked into a contract, you’ll be charged an early termination penalty if you end your plan early.

Variable-rate plans in Belton

A variable-rate plan is one with a rate that can fluctuate from one month to the next. Instead of locking in a rate with a contract, your rate changes each month based on the current wholesale price of electricity. During some months with high demand, your electricity rate could spike. But you could experience a lower rate during months when demand is low. You also won’t be locked into a contract with a variable-rate plan.

No-deposit plans in Belton

Before starting your service, some providers require a credit check and deposit depending on your credit score. If you would like to avoid a credit check or bypass paying the initial deposit, consider a no-deposit plan. Prepaid plans are the most common type of no-deposit plan. Similar to prepaid cellular service, you can pay upfront for the energy you anticipate using, and reload your account as needed. This is a good option for those who have a strict budget. 

Green electricity in Belton

Texas is a leader in the green energy industry, ranking first in the nation in wind energy generation and among the top five states in solar energy generation. As a result, Belton residents have access to many affordable green energy plans.

Every Texas electricity plan includes a percentage of renewable energy. You can find that percentage in your plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Additionally, several companies specialize in offering 100% green energy plans. Those companies include Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

Business energy plans in Belton

The deregulated Texas energy market also lets business owners shop for Belton electric plans, too. If you own or operate a company in Belton, it’s important that you compare electric plans to find a low energy rate. By seeking out the best Belton electric rates, you could lower your business expenses and boost your bottom line. Request a quote and SaveOnEnergy will contact you with a rate customized for your business.

Calculate your energy usage in Belton

Our energy calculator can help you estimate your monthly electricity usage. To obtain this estimate, enter your daily usage of the most common household appliances. Then we’ll show you energy plans that fit your energy needs

SaveOnEnergy’s tips for easy electricity service setup

  • Don’t forget to read your plan’s Electricity Facts Label before signing up. It contains important information including:
    • Price per kilowatt-hour based on usage
    • % renewable energy sourcing
    • Early termination fees
  • Enjoy hassle-free supplier setup. Once your order has been confirmed, your new supplier will set up service with your utility, or transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) – but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any interruption to your power during the switch.
  • Understanding your electricity bill. Your local TDSP will still deliver your electricity and maintain electric infrastructure including meters and power lines. Your utility fees can be found as TDU or TDSP charges on your monthly bill. They are independent of your supplier rate.

Belton energy FAQs

  • Choosing an electricity provider that works for your needs is important. The SaveOnEnergy marketplace can assist in this process and is free for consumers to use. You can simply filter plan results based on what matters most to you. Or call the number on your screen to speak with an energy expert who can help you narrow down your choices.

  • At the time of writing, Frontier Utilities offers the cheapest electricity rate in Belton, with plans starting at 13.2 cents per kWh. Belton electricity prices change often, so be sure to enter your ZIP code above to check for current rates in your area.

  • The SaveOnEnergy marketplace has plenty of green energy options. Just enter your ZIP code at the top of the screen to find a list of plans available in your area. You can then filter to see only the green energy plans.

  • There are several effective ways to lower your electricity bill, including switching to energy-efficient appliances, reducing your energy usage, and shopping around for a cheaper energy plan.

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