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Last updated 06/08/2022

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Mission electricity rates

With SaveOnEnergy, you can explore rates from trusted Mission electricity providers. Our marketplace is easy to use and completely free. 

How to find the best electricity rates in Mission with

We partner with the best electric companies near you to provide you with the most accurate plans and pricing. You can use our marketplace to find the right plan and secure an affordable electricity rate. You can get started today in three easy steps:

  • Find cheap energy rates near you: Enter your ZIP code above to explore the available plans and rates in your area. You can filter by plan type, provider, and more.
  • Sign up quickly: When you find a plan you like, you can quickly sign up online or call the number on the screen.
  • Enjoy your savings: After signing up, your provider handles the rest of your service setup. You can then enjoy your new energy savings.  

Cheap energy prices in Mission

In a deregulated energy market, providers work hard to earn your business through competitive prices. However, electricity rates can fluctuate based on weather, energy demand, and other factors. Below, you will find a chart with energy prices for different times of the year. We used data from the Energy Information Administration to help you decide when to lock in a cheap rate. Currently, you can find rates as low as 7.7 cents per kWh with Express Energy or Frontier Utilities.

Energy providers and utility companies in Mission

An energy company buys or produces electricity. Meanwhile, utilities are responsible for transmitting that energy to your Mission home or business. They also handle any power outages or infrastructure problems, such as downed power lines. While you have the power to choose your provider, you cannot choose your utility company. 

Power outages in Mission

When a power outage occurs, contact AEP Central by:

  • Calling them at 1-866-223-8508
  • Reporting an outage through its website

Electricity rates in my area

Your location is an important factor when shopping around for the best electricity rates in Mission. This is because utility companies charge a transmission fee for delivering energy to your home or business.

The SaveOnEnergy marketplace uses your ZIP code to ensure you find the most accurate electricity rates in your area. Simply enter your ZIP code above to compare electric rates in Mission today.

How weather affects Mission electricity rates

Mission weather fluctuates throughout the year. The average temperature in August is 98 degrees. The energy demand increases when the weather is warm, so energy rates will increase also. Meanwhile, Mission has mild temperatures from November through March – around 60 degrees. You can lock in an affordable rate during this time of year as energy demand lowers. 

Even though winters are mild in Mission, it’s important to remain vigilant in the event of a winter storm.  Ensure you have enough food, water, and pet supplies to last for at least three days if you lose power. It’s also important to know that your energy bill may spike if you don’t have a fixed-rate plan. 

Moving to Mission?

Mission has a population of 77,000, and residents of the area can enjoy the many parks and nature trails available. If you are new to the Mission area, you can use our online marketplace to discover electric rates and plans for your new home.  

Types of plans in Mission

You can find many types of energy plans on our marketplace, including fixed-rate, prepaid, and no-deposit. Understanding your energy needs will help you choose the right plan. From there, you can enter your ZIP code above to see the available plan types near you. 

Fixed-rate plans in Mission 

A fixed-rate plan comes with a contract, with term lengths usually ranging from 12-36 months. Your monthly energy rate will remain the same for the length of your contract. However, the provider may charge an early termination fee (ETF) if you decide to cancel before your term is over.  

Variable-rate plans in City 

Your monthly energy rate will fluctuate with the wholesale cost of energy in a variable-rate plan. Some months you’ll experience savings, while your bill could spike in others. You can switch without charge at any time because there is no contract. 

Green electricity in Mission

Texas is a leader in green energy production. The state ranks first in the nation for wind energy generation and is consistently among the top five for solar energy. Mission residents have a variety of green energy options to choose from. 

Every electricity plan in Texas contains at least some renewable energy in their plans. You can find the exact amount in your plan’s electricity facts label (EFL). Certain providers offer 100% green energy plans. Those providers include Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

Business energy plans in Mission

Mission businesses can also take advantage of the deregulated energy market. SaveOnEnergy can help your business receive customized energy solutions. You can start today by filling out our business energy form or calling the number on your screen.  

Mission energy FAQs

What is the best provider in Mission?

There isn’t one provider that is better than the others. Rather, the best provider depends on your needs. If you need the flexibility of a variable-rate plan, then providers that offer those plans would be best. Or, a provider that offers 100% green energy may be the best if your priority is green energy. 

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Mission?

Currently, the cheapest electricity in Mission is from Frontier Utilities and Express Energy, with rates from 7.7 cents per kWh. 

How do I find a green energy plan in Mission?

After entering your ZIP code, use our filter tool to select green energy. Then, you’ll be able to explore the available green energy plans in your area.  

How can I lower my utility bill in Mission?

There are a variety of ways to lower your utility bill in Mission. You can start by reducing your overall energy consumption and switching to energy-efficient appliances. You can also switch to a more affordable plan when energy demand is low. 


Updated: 12/17/2021

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