Customers in Georgia who use natural gas to heat their homes or apartments can save money on their gas bills by shopping for a lower rate with®.

In 1997, Georgia's General Assembly adopted a new regulatory model for natural gas utilities under which competing energy suppliers were allowed to serve customers.

Specifically, customers in the Atlanta Gas Light service area have the opportunity to choose a lower rate from a competing natural gas supplier to save money on their bills. Getting natural gas suppliers to compete for your business forces them to offer you their lowest rate in order to win your business.

Atlanta Gas Light, the local utility, no longer sells gas to customers.  Instead, it acts only as a distribution company, delivering gas from retail natural gas suppliers to customers through its pipes.  Therefore, no matter who you choose to buy your gas from, Atlanta Gas Light still delivers your gas, and responds to all gas leaks, emergencies, and service interruptions.

While natural gas choice has been in place for 15 years, many customers in Georgia do not actively shop for the best deal for their natural gas service.  Many customers may have selected a natural gas supplier years ago, when natural gas rates were higher, and don't realize there are substantial savings available by shopping for a new, lower rate.

The shale gas boom in America has revolutionized the natural gas market, and makes this the best time to shop for a lower gas rate.  Georgia customers need to check their energy rate to make sure they are taking advantage of record lows in natural gas pricing, especially before the winter heating season kicks in. makes finding the lowest natural gas rate in Georgia quick and easy. takes the hassle out of finding a low energy rate by getting alternative natural gas suppliers to compete head-to-head for your business.

Georgia residents just need to log onto and enter their zip code, and immediately they will find a comparison of the lowest natural gas rates in the market from competing energy companies.  Customers can sort natural gas offers by price, as well as other factors, including contract term length.  That makes it simple for customers to find the best natural gas product for them.

Georgia customers can log onto to shop for a lower natural gas rate any time day or night, making it convenient for customers to save money on their natural gas bill.

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