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What is a deregulated energy market?

Written by Caitlin Ritchie

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 10/05/2022

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Deregulation FAQs

  • Energy deregulation means consumers can choose their electricity provider from a variety of operating companies. The benefit of deregulation is competition between providers and often lower electricity prices, more plan options, and better service. 

  • If you are moving to a state with deregulation, you will need to choose an energy provider and sign up for an electricity plan. Depending on the state, you might be able to receive service from your utility company or choose from a variety of energy providers. Your provider may be able to begin your service the same day you sign up. You can also schedule your service to begin in at a later date, usually up to 90 days in advance. The SaveOnEnergy marketplace lets you compare energy plans in your area at no additional cost and sign up easily. If you have questions about your energy options, call the number on the page to speak with an energy expert.

  • The right energy provider hinges on your needs and preferences. For example, some providers specialize in 100% green energy plans, while others focus on offering the lowest rates or the most reliable customer service. You can use the filter options on the SaveOnEnergy marketplace to narrow down your choices based on your preferences. 

  • Providers sometimes go out of business in deregulated markets. If this happens to your provider, you will not lose power. Instead, your service will switch to the provider of last resort (PLOR) in your area. You will then have a set number of days to switch to a different provider if you would prefer. 

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