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How to Compare Energy Providers in Pennsylvania

According to the Public Utility Commission, more than 2.5 million Pennsylvanians have already chosen a plan from the many energy providers in Pennsylvania. Today's PA power switch program has been a long time coming. The gears of deregulation first started spinning in the late 1990s, but the PA legislature put rate caps in place that didn't expire until recently.

Now that rate caps have been phased out, more and more Pennsylvania residents and businesses are discovering just how valuable choosing a new plan from energy providers in Pennsylvania can be. Whether you're in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, enter your zip code and start shopping today!

Are you able to choose among Pennsylvania energy companies?

Pennsylvania's deregulated market doesn't affect everyone statewide. While many residents and businesses have access to PA electric choice and PA gas switch programs, others still live in areas where there's only one choice when it comes to energy supply.

If you fall within the service area of any of these utilities, you are able to shop around for Pennsylvania energy companies:

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At SaveOnEnergy.com® we love to help people save money on their energy costs, but to do that we have to do a lot more than talk to suppliers on your behalf. That's why our team has developed our Learning Center, a place where everyone from a first-time energy shopper to an expert on how to choose electricity in Pennsylvania can learn something new!

Use your power to choose electricity in Pennsylvania

PA electric choice was made possible by the Electricity Generation Choice and Competition Act, passed by the state legislature in 1997. Initially, the ability to choose electricity in Pennsylvania had a limited affect on individuals. The state took precautions to ease the transition to the PA power switch model by placing rate caps on utilities across the state, but in 2011 the last rate cap expired.

Deregulation enabled PA electric choice by taking the responsibility of supplying electricity from the utilities and offering it to competitive retail Pennsylvania energy companies. These Pennsylvania energy companies purchase electricity wholesale and sell it directly to consumers while utilities deliver power through the existing infrastructure of transmission lines.

Right now, PA electric choice gives consumers the option of sticking with their utility for their electricity supply or choosing an alternative retail supplier. However, in October 2013, a bill was proposed in the state Senate that would require consumers who don't choose an alternative supplier by June 2015 be provided a supplier through a competitive auction. If this bill passes the PA power switch program would be taken to a whole new level.

Such a change in the PA power switch program would mean utilities are no longer the default supplier for those who opt not to shop for Pennsylvania energy companies. Consumers on this default service would instead be enrolled in a 1-year fixed-rate plan. Although consumers would be shuttled into a plan, their PA electric choice wouldn't be limited. Anyone on the new form of default service would be allowed to use the PA power switch program to select another plan or provider at any time without a cancellation fee.

Regardless of how this bills ends up, utilities are currently and will remain responsible for maintaining the electricity infrastructure in your area. If you notice a power outage or electrical emergency, be sure to report it to your local utility immediately.

Learning how to pick a new plan from Pennsylvania energy companies is easy. First, you need to figure out what's most important to you in a Pennsylvania energy company. Is it the lowest price, a stable rate, green energy options or something else altogether? What about rewards programs or superior customer service? Weed out the suppliers that don't fit your standards and choose electricity in Pennsylvania from among the remaining options. You're sure to find the best Pennsylvania energy companies if you just spend a little time making the most of your PA power to switch.

Comparing gas options from Pennsylvania energy companies

The deregulation of the gas market soon followed the PA power switch program when the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law in 1999. Similar to the PA electric choice system, the legislation gave Pennsylvania residential and business customers the opportunity to choose which Pennsylvania energy companies supplied their gas.

Before the law was enacted, Pennsylvania residents had one choice when it came to their gas supply: the local utility. At that time prices were regulated by the government. When competition was introduced to the marketplace, the goals of the project including lower prices and a wider range of options for consumers were quickly realized.

In fact, the large number of energy providers in Pennsylvania offering packages has translated into competitive prices and plan options for residents and businesses across the state. By spending a few minutes doing some comparison shopping, you could find Pennsylvania energy companies that offers everything you want in a plan.

As with the PA power switch program, your relationship with your local utility will remain mostly intact regardless of what retail supplier you choose. It will continue to deliver your gas supply through the pipes that run underneath your neighborhood and ensure that the system is working properly. Any issues with your gas supply, such as a leak, should be reported to your utility immediately.

See below for a list of energy retailers in Pennsylvania:

Are you experiencing a PA electric outage?

If your PA electric service has been suspended, it's important to contact your utility immediately. By reporting outages, you are helping your utility make progress in restoring service. Find your utility's information below to report a power outage:

Citizens' Electric Company

Duquesne Light




Penn Power

Pike County Light and Power

PPL Electric Utilities

GI Electric Service

Wellsboro Electric Company

West Penn Power

Are you experiencing a gas emergency at your PA home?

Whether you've discovered a gas leak or are simply experiencing an interruption in service, contacting your utility is the most important action you can take. Natural gas emergencies are extremely dangerous. Find your utility's contact information below:

Columbia Gas of PA

Equitable Gas

National Fuel Gas


Peoples Natural Gas

Peoples TWP

Philadelphia Gas Works

UGI Gas Service (UGI Penn Natural Gas)

UGI Central Penn Gas

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