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SaveOnEnergy resources are your comprehensive guides to the information you need to navigate the energy marketplace. We help our readers make informed decisions about electricity rates, providers, and energy plans. We also specialize in solar energy, from getting solar panels for your home to finding the best solar batteries, and more.

Resources to help you choose an energy plan

SaveOnEnergy has the tips, data, and information you need to make the most effective energy choices for you, whether you are searching for residential or business energy in the Texas deregulated energy market or throughout the U.S.


Energy-saving tips

Saving on your energy bill doesn’t always mean taking drastic measures. Our energy experts share simple, everyday changes you can make to lower your electricity usage. Using less energy can be great for the environment, as well as your bottom line. 

Energy-efficient appliances and applications

When you are an empowered energy user, you understand how your appliances and auxiliary energy accessories affect your energy bill. Learn how to set up your home to be energy efficient, protect against unnecessary energy loss, and save money.

Electrical safety

Learn more about electrical safety and how you can prepare for weather events or power outages. Keep your home and family protected with these safety tips. 

Understanding the U.S. energy market

Electricity in the U.S. is a huge industry that includes recycling, renewable energy, and even electric cars. Find out more about the current energy trends nationwide and how they affect you. 

What to know about your utility company

SaveOnEnergy focuses on transparency and consumer education. We keep track of utility companies across the nation, so you don’t have to.

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