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North Dakota Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in North Dakota?

Last updated 08/26/2022

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Solar Power FAQs

  • Solar panels are often priced per watt, with a national median cost of $3.82 per watt. The median cost of a whole system is $24,742. If you plan to lease your solar panels, you also have to factor in interest rates. Installation prices can differ in certain locations and by company. You can also look into a solar power purchase agreement, which can help you avoid paying for the solar panels in North Dakota upfront. 

  • It pays to look into installing solar sooner rather than later because that means more savings in the long run. Savings depend on location, the number of sunny days per year, and the homeowner’s energy usage.

  • Savings with solar panels can depend. The size of the solar panel system affects how much energy you can generate and store — a bigger system means more energy. Also, if you tend to have high energy use, you would stand to save more per month on your electric bill. With net metering incentives, you can sell electricity back to the utility, meaning even more savings. Also, be sure you are getting the best solar battery and panels so that the equipment is efficient and lasts a long time.

  • North Dakota has several great solar installation options. You can learn more about installing solar on SaveOnEnergy When you’re ready to explore solar for your home, request a phone call or call the number on your screen. 

  • Solar power  is a 100% renewable resource since it takes its energy from the sunlight without emitting carbon and other types of air pollution. Installing solar is one of the most direct ways to lower your carbon footprint. You don’t have to be reliant on sources of carbon pollution to heat or power your home.  

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