Living The Green Life - Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are irresistible, whether you're looking to enhance the spooky or sweet side of the holiday. For the environmentally aware consumer, it can be even harder to decide whether it's worth spending money on these bits and pieces. Don't despair – we have some tips for putting some green into your Halloween décor.

Hi, I'm Heather from, here with another tip on Living the Green Life. If your family is anything like mine, dressing up your house for fall means a lot more than just putting a couple pumpkins on the front porch. Here are few ideas for making your decorations last beyond Halloween this year and for seasons to come.

Everyone wants to have the scariest house on the block, but if you buy poorly made decorations the scariest part could be how short lived they are. When you're at the store, make sure you're buying sturdy materials. That way they'll be resistant to all the fall elements they'll be subjected to. As long as you store them in a dry place during the off season, they'll last year after year.

But you don't have to buy decorations, it's so easy to make your own with materials you already have at home!  For example, you can make ghosts to line your walkway with balloons and white trash bags. Or you can brighten up your yard with some ghostly jack-o-lanterns made out of empty milk jugs. Have your kids draw faces while you use a utility knife to cut a hole in the bottom for a light. These projects are easy for you and your kids to pull together.

As you can see, it's not too hard to live the green life. We'll be back soon with more tips!

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