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Mckinney electricity rates

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Last updated 06/08/2022

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How to find the best electricity rates in McKinney with

We work with the top McKinney electricity providers, giving you the information you need in one resource. With our marketplace, you can find the lowest electricity rates available now. You can do this all in three easy steps:

  • Finding the best electric plan: Enter your ZIP code to explore the plans, providers, and rates available near you. 
  • Sign up online within minutes: Once you find the plan you like, sign up online and leave the rest to the provider. If you have questions or need guidance, call the energy specialists at the phone number on this page.
  • Harvest the savings: The provider will have your service set up in under a week. You can now relax and enjoy your new energy plan.  

Cheap energy prices in McKinney

It’s common for energy rates to fluctuate regularly. With data provided by the Energy Information Association (EIA), this chart shows Texas energy rates for different times of the year. Using it, you can find when is the best time to lock in an affordable rate. In Texas, the average electric rate is 8.60 cents per kWh.

Energy providers and utility companies in McKinney

The roles of utilities and providers are different due to Texas’s deregulated energy market. Since deregulation, the provider is in charge of generating the electricity that powers your home or business. It’s the utility service’s job to make sure transmission and distribution are covered.  

Power outages in McKinney

In the unfortunate event your power goes out, you want to contact your utility, not your energy provider. You can report an outage to Oncor by:

  • Using its outage portal
  • Calling them at 1-888-313-4747
  • Texting OUT to 66267

Electricity rates in my area

Energy companies offer varying electricity rates in your area. This is due to utility transmission charges, which are different depending on where you live. 

To receive the most accurate McKinney electricity rates, SaveOnEnergy can help. We work with energy companies to provide the most up-to-date information. Simply enter your ZIP code to explore the best electricity rates in McKinney. 

How weather affects McKinney electricity rates

Weather and changing temperatures can impact energy rates. With average summer temperatures at 95 degrees, and winter temperatures in the mid-50s, energy demand can spike during these times. 

During seasons when there is an increase in energy demand, energy rates will also increase. Ideally, it is best to shop for energy in the spring and autumn when there are fewer temperature variances. 

Moving to McKinney?

McKinney is a bustling community residing north of Dallas. Locals can enjoy attractions like the Towne Lake Recreational Area. If you are new to the area, or looking to switch providers, SaveOnEnergy can help you explore McKinney electricity providers and available plans. Enter your ZIP code above to begin comparing electric rates in McKinney. 

Types of plans in McKinney

When shopping for deregulated energy options, you might come across no-deposit, fixed-rate, commercial, prepaid, and variable-rate plans. Our guide on picking a plan contains details to help you find the best fit for your needs. If you need help at any time, call the number on your screen to speak with an energy expert. 

Fixed-rate plans in McKinney

With a fixed-rate energy plan, your rate won’t fluctuate with the market throughout the contract. Most contract terms are 12, 24, or 36 months. You can cancel before the contract expires, but you might incur an early termination fee (ETF). 

Variable-rate plans in Mckinney

There is no contract for a variable-rate plan, which means you have the freedom to switch providers when you want. However, because there is no contract, your rate will fluctuate with the market. During months when energy demand is high, your rate can spike. When demand is low, you could see your rate also drop. 

Green electricity in McKinney

Texas ranks at the top of the country in green energy production. The Lone Star State is in first place in the U.S. for wind energy generation and is within the top five for solar generation.

Most providers offer some percentage of renewable energy with their plans. To find out exactly how much, check the plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Additionally, certain providers offer 100% renewable energy plans.

The energy providers that have 100% renewable energy plans are Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

Business energy plans in McKinney

Companies residing in McKinney can also benefit from the deregulated energy market. You can find a plan that works for your business by filling out our business energy form. Once completed, we’ll provide you with personalized solutions. You can also speak with one of our energy consultants by calling the number on our page. 

Calculate your energy usage in McKinney

Learn an estimate of how much energy your home consumes with our calculator. Doing this can help us find plans customized to meet your home’s requirements. 

McKinney energy FAQs

  • Providers that offer cheap electricity in McKinney are Express Energy and Frontier Utilities, with fixed-rate plans as low as 7.5 cents per kWh.

  • Our marketplace offers filtering tools located to the left of the plans. Scroll, select green energy, and our website populates options from lowest to highest price. Some of the top green energy providers are Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

  • Have regular maintenance done on your home’s HVAC, seal drafty windows and doors, and set the thermostat higher when you’re away for work or vacation. You can also lower your rate by shopping for a new plan when energy demand is low (such as in the spring and autumn).

  • For variable-rate options, TXU Energy starts from 14.9 cents per kWh. For green-energy households, Gexa Energy has rates starting as low as 7.5 cents per kWh. Electric rates change frequently so it’s important to shop often.

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