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If you are moving to a state with a deregulated energy market, you’ll need to choose an electricity provider and sign up for an energy plan before move-in day.® can help you navigate the deregulated energy market, find a plan for your new home so you can enjoy affordable electric rates and reliable service. Use the resources below to learn more about your energy options.


Electricity rates vary by state

State electricity rates vary depending on factors like where you live and the time of year. For example, Hawaii tends to have some of the highest average monthly electricity rates, while Idaho is often on the lower end. Energy prices tend to increase in the summer and winter when consumers rely more on heating and cooling, while rates in the fall and spring are often lower.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) tracks electric prices by state and SaveOnEnergy notes how rates impact average electricity bills by state.

The average residential electricity rate across the U.S. is 15.42 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). (Updated September 2022)

The map below shows the cost of electricity by state based on the most recent data from the EIA. Find your state below to learn more about average electric prices in the area where you are moving.

Estimating your monthly electricity bill

To estimate your average utility bill, you will need to know how much electricity you normally use each month. Check your previous energy bills to get an idea of how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity you typically consume. If you multiply your energy usage by your electricity rate, you can estimate how much your electricity bill will cost.

For example, Texas residents typically consume 1,132 kWh of electricity in a month. In April, 2022, the average Texas electricity rate was 13.08 cents per kWh. If we multiply the Texas energy consumption by the state’s average electricity rate, we can estimate the average electric bill in Texas.

1,132 kWh X $0.1308 = $148.07 in monthly energy bills

Another way that you can estimate your home’s average electricity consumption is with the SaveOnEnergy usage calculator

You may find some energy plans offer bill credits, which usually apply if you consume a certain amount of electricity. While bill credits can be enticing, it’s important to know that the credit is already factored into the rate shown for a set usage tier. If you fall outside of that usage tier, the credit will not apply and you may end up with a more expensive electric bill. This is why it’s crucial you know how much energy you typically use before signing up for a plan.

Calculate your energy consumption

States with deregulated energy

Energy deregulation allows consumers to choose their electricity providers from the available companies in their area. There are multiple states with deregulated energy markets. SaveOnEnergy can help consumers living in deregulated areas find the right energy plan to meet their needs. Enter your ZIP code above to explore available deregulated energy rates and plans in your area or find your state in the list below.

Set up electricity in your new home

If you are moving to a deregulated area, you will need to set up electric service for your new home. Setting up electricity with SaveOnEnergy is easy because our marketplace lets you find and compare energy plans in your area in one place. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Enter your ZIP code. We’ll show you a list of available energy plans in your area. Filter for specific providers, green energy plans, contract lengths and more to find the plan that will work for you.
  2. Sign up in minutes. Once you’ve made your decision, we will walk you through a simple sign up process. You can also call to sign up over the phone. You should receive a confirmation email from your new provider once sign up is complete.
  3. Enjoy your new energy plan. After you sign up for your new energy plan, you’re all set. Your new provider will handle the setup, so you can sit back and enjoy your new energy plan.

States with deregulated natural gas

Some states offer natural gas deregulation. If you are moving to a state with a deregulated natural gas market, you have the option to choose a natural gas provider. Currently, there are 17 states (plus Washington D.C.) where natural gas services are deregulated for residential consumers, commercial businesses, or both. 

To learn more about natural gas deregulation for your future home, find your state below. You can also enter your ZIP code above. Our partner site,, will show you natural gas rates from providers that service your new home.

Deregulated natural gas markets

California New Jersey
Florida New Mexico
Georgia New York
Indiana Ohio
Illinois Pennsylvania
Maryland Rhode Island
Massachusetts Virginia
Michigan West Virginia
Montana Washington D.C.

Set up electricity service in Texas

Texas has the largest deregulated energy market in the nation. If you are moving to Texas, you have the power to choose from dozens of electricity companies operating throughout the state. SaveOnEnergy features the best energy providers in Texas on our marketplace. Enter your Texas ZIP code to explore electricity rates in your area.

Shop Texas electricity by city

About 85% of Texas enjoys energy choice, including major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Find your city below to discover current electric rates.

Corpus Christi
Fort Worth
League City
The Woodlands

Setting up solar energy for your home

If you are moving to an area with a regulated energy market, you can still choose to invest in solar energy. SaveOnEnergy partners with top solar companies across the country to provide customized solar options for residential customers. Visit our solar energy page or the resources below for more details about how we can help you invest in solar power for your home.

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