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Dallas Electricity Rates

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Last updated 10/26/2022

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Dallas electricity rates

Dallas residents have the power to choose their energy provider from a pool of quality companies, thanks to deregulation in Texas. The plethora of options can sometimes complicate the process of choosing an energy plan.® is an independent marketplace that can help you shop for affordable electricity rates in your area.

Moving to a new home in Dallas? Discover popular electricity plans, and compare electric rates in Dallas to find the best option for your home or business.

Find the best electricity rates in Dallas

Electricity rates in Dallas shift depending on demand, season, and location. SaveOnEnergy compiles the best plans and prices in one place so you can easily compare electricity prices from top energy companies in Dallas. The SaveOnEnergy marketplace is free and has a simple sign-up process.

  • Find cheap energy plans in your area. Enter your ZIP code to start browsing Dallas electricity rates near you. Filter your choices by energy company, rate type, contract length, or green energy options to narrow down your selections.
  • Choose a plan and sign up. Sign up online once you’ve found the right Dallas electricity provider. Have questions? Call the number on this page to speak with one of our energy experts.
  • Enjoy your new electricity plan. Your new provider will handle the switch. There’s no need to notify your utility or previous electric company. You can start enjoying your new plan within days.

Cheap energy prices in Dallas

SaveOnEnergy makes it easy to find the best electricity rates in your area. The following graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics compares the average electricity rates in Houston and Dallas from August 2020 to now.

Energy providers and utility companies in Dallas

Electricity providers and utility companies have different responsibilities in a deregulated city like Dallas. Your electricity provider purchases electricity and sells it to you through an energy plan. It is also responsible for setting up your service and managing your account. In contrast, utility companies deliver electricity to your property and respond to power outages.

  • Utilities: Oncor Electric Delivery is the utility company in Dallas. Utilities are determined by where you live, so you aren’t able to choose your utility.

Power outages in Dallas

If you experience a power outage in Dallas, you should contact your utility company — not your energy provider. In Dallas, Oncor Electric is in charge of restoring power during an outage and can provide updates about when your service will be restored.

To report an outage, visit Oncor’s online outage center or call the company at 1-888-313-4747.

Electricity rates in my area

Electricity prices across Texas vary due to utility transmission charges — even for the same plan and provider. Don’t waste time considering plans that aren’t available in your area or comparing inaccurate rates. Find the best electric company near you with the SaveOnEnergy marketplace.

If you are ready to compare electric rates in Dallas, enter your ZIP code. We’ll show you energy plans and prices from the best Dallas electric companies that are accurate for your area.

Current energy trends in Dallas

High temperatures have a big impact on energy prices in Dallas. Consumers rely more on air conditioning to keep cool when the temperature goes up. This increase in energy demand causes the wholesale cost of electricity to go up.

One way to lower your electricity bill and increase your energy independence from the traditional electric grid is by going solar. You can explore our solar resources and fill out this form to learn more about your options.

How weather affects Dallas electricity rates

The weather and seasonal changes affect electricity rates in Dallas. The average high temperature in Dallas is 96 degrees in July and August and 56 degrees in January.

Electricity rates tend to be cheaper when energy demand is low. Milder weather in the spring and fall can be some of the best times to lock in a cheaper electric rate. One of the best ways to save on electricity costs and get cheap electricity in Dallas is to lock in a fixed-rate plan when rates are low. You can also lower your monthly energy bills by reducing your electricity consumption.

Types of plans in Dallas

As you look for new electricity providers in Dallas, you’ll notice multiple plan types. If you want to learn more about your options, check out our resources for picking an energy plan or call the phone number on your screen to speak with an energy expert.

Fixed-rate plans in Dallas

A fixed-rate plan locks in your electricity rate for the duration of your contract (generally 12–36 months). These plans provide a more predictable energy bill because your electric rate stays the same. If you cancel before your contract ends, you may need to pay an early termination fee (ETF).

Variable-rate plans in Dallas

Variable-rate plans are the opposite of fixed-rate plans. You won’t be locked into a contract or incur an ETF if you switch to another plan, but your rate may fluctuate between billing periods. Your energy rate will change based on the wholesale cost of electricity, which shifts due to supply and demand. Variable-rate plans can be a good short-term option but could be more expensive if energy rates spike. These plans are especially risky in the summer when energy demand is often at its highest.

No-deposit plans

Many providers require a deposit before they will begin service. The deposit amount is based on credit scores. If you don’t want to pay a deposit or wish to bypass the credit check, there are no-deposit options available on our marketplace. Prepaid energy plans are a popular type of no-deposit plan. With a prepaid plan, you will keep your energy account loaded with the amount you want to spend and refill as needed.

Green electricity in Dallas

Across the country, Texas is leading the way in green energy. The Lone Star State creates the most electricity from wind power and is within the top five states for solar energy generation.

Your Texas electric plan will contain a percentage of renewable energy. Some plans use 100% green energy. Check the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for more details. Gexa Energy is an electricity company in Dallas that exclusively offers green plans.

Business energy plans in Dallas

Texas also has deregulated commercial energy. If you own a company in Dallas, you can use SaveOnEnergy to get the best energy rate for your business. Visit our commercial energy page to learn more about building a customized business energy plan in Dallas.

Calculate your energy usage in Dallas

Choosing the right energy plan will depend on how much electricity you consume in your home each month. Energy providers charge different rates based on your energy usage. Not sure how much energy you use? The SaveOnEnergy usage calculator can estimate your monthly household electricity usage. Use your estimated monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage to find a plan that suits your needs.

SaveOnEnergy’s tips for easy electricity service setup

  • Don’t forget to read your plan’s Electricity Facts Label before signing up. It contains important information including:
    • Price per kilowatt-hour based on your energy usage
    • The plan’s percentage of renewable energy sourcing
    • Early termination fees
  • Enjoy hassle-free supplier setup. Once your order has been confirmed, your new supplier will set up service with your utility, or transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) – but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any interruption to your power during the switch.
  • Understanding your electricity bill. Your local TDSP will still deliver your electricity and maintain electric infrastructure including meters and power lines. Your utility fees appear as TDU or TDSP charges on your monthly bill. They are independent of your supplier rate.

Dallas energy FAQs

  • At the time of writing, Frontier Utilities offers the cheapest electricity rates in Dallas, followed by Express Energy. Remember that energy rates can change from day to day. Enter your ZIP code above to explore current rates in your area.

  • It is easy to find affordable, green energy plans in Dallas. Enter your ZIP code above, then filter your results to only green energy plans near you. Dallas electricity provider Gexa Energy offers 100% green energy plans.

  • When you enter your ZIP code, you can explore Dallas energy rates available in your area. TXU Energy is one of the most popular Dallas electric providers. However, finding the best electricity provider in Dallas will depend on your energy needs. Are you searching for the cheapest rate? If so, Frontier Utilities currently offers the lowest Dallas energy rate. Looking for a green energy plan? Check out options from Gexa Energy. Curious about a prepaid energy plan? Explore plans from Payless Power. Use our filter options to narrow down your results and find the best energy provider for your home or business.

  • The most straightforward way to reduce your energy bill is to lower your home’s monthly energy consumption. Using less electricity and purchasing energy-efficient appliances are two other ways to reduce your bill. Also consider running your appliances overnight or earlier in the day instead of during peak hours when rates are higher.

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