At, we spend a lot of time researching green energy and learning how to save energy and money. Along the way, we've found quite a few products that stand out. Whether they're sustainably sourced, recycled or just better for you and the environment, we think they'd make a great addition to your holiday gift list. We know they're ranking high on ours.
purse_1 Photo courtesy of Cortizza

Cortizza bags

There's a lot to love about Cortizza products. From tote bags and jewelry to luxurious handbags and wallets, you can find something for everyone on your list this holiday season and at a variety of price points. Cortizza even offers cork wine accessories, such as gift boxes, bags, serving trays and aprons, which make perfect host/hostess gifts for those holiday parties. Best of all, Cortizza products are made from renewable cork leather. It's beautiful, durable, water-resistant and vegan. Sustainable cork-harvesting methods ensure that the trees, which can live up to 200 years, are kept healthy – maintaining the forests as precious carbon sinks. – Tara Copeland

bottle opener_1 Photo courtesy of MapleXO

Maple XO custom engraved bottle opener

This large bottle opener from MapleXO puts typical bottle openers to shame. It’s handmade, engraved and made from recyclable materials. This paddle style bottle opener is made from recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste and heavy duty 14 gage stainless steel, giving it the ability to open any bottle you have. Considering my boyfriend loves craft beer, this would be a handy yet personal gift for him. Plus, who wouldn’t love a custom bottle opener that reminds you “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” – Jen Koniuk

shower gel_1 Photo courtesy of LUSH

LUSH's Hot Toddy shower gel

This isn't your typical holiday cleanser - this cinnamon and ginger scented shower gel also contains gold sparkles to leave you with the holiday spirit long after you leave the shower. All LUSH products are made with as many ethically sourced organic ingredients as possible and as few preservatives as possible. In addition, the company is against animal testing and keeps packing to a bare minimum. These suds are available in many different sizes so I can get a sampler for my daughter or one that will last for months for my cinammon-loving mother. – Heather Bailey

nail polish_1 Photo courtesy of The Organic Pharmacy

Organic Glam nail polish

Cosmetics can contain a bevy of toxic chemicals. Nail polish, in particular, is chock full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the fumes of which can do serious damage when inhaled. However, Organic Glam proves that beauty doesn't have to come at a cost to your health. That's why I love Organic Glam nail polish. I can get a salon-quality polish without all the harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and toluene. It comes in a host of classic and modern colors and makes a great stocking stuffer. – Elizabeth Brown

steripen_1 Photo courtesy of SteriPEN

SteriPEN Freedom water purifier

As a couch potato, I personally have never found myself in a survival situation where I was forced to drink from a bacteria-infested stream or a muddy moose track, but I have friends who love to take weekend camping trips so I can see the value in a product like the SteriPEN Freedom. This compact water purifier is the nemesis to unclean drinking water everywhere, utilizing a UV lamp and less than a minute of your time to zap 99.9% of the protozoa that can cause water-borne illness. All you have to do is dunk the lamp into your water and stir, and a sensor will tell you when you're safe to hydrate. – Tyler Rice

bracelet_1 Photo courtesy of Eco-Artware

Eco-Artware typewriter key bracelets

Although manual typewriters are considered old-fashioned, most writers and bookworms have a romanticized appreciation for them. These bracelets, made from recycled antique typewriter keys, are a perfect way of preserving and respecting historical equipment that likely produced countless pages of writing. Utilizing these typewriter keys as artsy jewelry also prevents them from making their way into the garbage where they would contribute to our waste problem and never be loved again. Each bracelet is handmade using unique antique typewriter keys, making any one of them a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly gift. With the option of 10 or 11 keys per bracelet, this upcycled typewriter key bracelet can tickle the hearts of literary nerds, no matter their wrist size. – Jenny Lou Bement

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