logo_no-soaphopeA clean body and a clear conscience is what SoapBox Soaps is after. With its beginnings in a college apartment kitchen and a mission to make a difference through everyday purchases, Co-Founder and CEO David Simnick created a hygiene company that gives back to those in need.

Get clean with SoapBox Soaps' natural ingredients

SoapBox Soaps Body Wash - CoconutFrom head to toe, the SoapBox Soaps product line has you covered, naturally. Body wash, hand and bar soap, shampoo and conditioner make up the extensive product line. All products are paraben-free and use natural ingredients such as shea butter, unrefined sea salt and coconut and safflower oils. In addition, all products are gluten-, phthalate- and EDTA-free.

Some of the team at SaveOnEnergy.com® have used SoapBox Soaps hygiene products and are more than pleased. The hand soap leaves hands feeling soft and fresh, without being overly oily or drying out quickly after. Members of the team also mentioned the shampoo left their hair feeling rich and healthy.

Not only are SoapBox Soaps' products natural, they are PETA certified as cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Moreover, you can rest assured knowing all products are made in the USA (Memphis, TN, and Indianapolis, IN, to be exact) under B Corp certification standards.

BOGO: Buy one, give one

SoapBox Soaps partners with many global aid organizations, including Global Soap Project (GSP) and Splash, which help the company fulfill its mission of expanding access to clean water and essential hygiene items to people in need throughout the world. For every bar of soap, hand soap and body wash purchased, SoapBox Soaps donates a bar of soap through GSP and other small aid organizations. As for shampoos and conditioners purchased, SoapBox Soaps donates a month's worth of clean water through Splash.

SoapBox Soaps bar soapGSP and Splash aren't the only organizations SoapBox Soaps works with. The company teams up with more than 30 domestic and international nonprofits to educate the public on the importance of hygiene. SoapBox Soaps do not simply "aid drop" either. The company uses sustainable practices and works with local soap makers in the areas where donations are made. When there are no local soap makers, SoapBox Soaps partners with nonprofits to teach people in need how to make it.

Track your Hope Code

On every product SoapBox Soaps sells is a unique tracking code, called the Hope Code. Customers can enter a product's Hope Code on the company's website to see how and where their purchase has made an impact.SoapBox Soaps hand soap - Bataua fruit

Find SoapBox Soaps online and in stores

Changing the world through everyday purchases is easy with SoapBox Soaps. Shampoos, conditioners and body washes go for $5.99 while hand and bar soaps are $3.99. Check out SoapBox Soaps online or in Target, Walmart, Publix, Rite Aid, Kroger and other retail stores. You can also find SoapBox Soaps on social media for updates and information on sales.

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