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Tips to Save Energy and Money This Memorial Day and All Summer Long

Tara Copeland | May 20, 2015

Memorial Day is the official unofficial start of summer, which truly begins on June 21. Read More

Man-made Earthquakes Leave Natural Gas on Shaky Ground

Tara Copeland | May 18, 2015

Long hailed as a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil-fuel energy sources, natural gas is looking more and more like a transition fuel on America's road to renewable energy. Read More

Debunking Common Misconceptions about the State of the Environment

Tara Copeland | May 8, 2015

In college, a friend of mine had this quote taped to his door: "Complacency is the evil of success." Read More

Save on Xeriscaping with Free Lawn Removal in California

Tara Copeland | May 6, 2015

In case you haven't heard, California is in the midst of a record-shattering drought. Read More

Greensburg's Green Start

Tara Copeland | May 4, 2015

Eight years ago today, the small town of Greensburg, Kansas, was reduced to rubble by an EF5 tornado 1.7 miles wide. Read More

Think Falling Oil Prices Will Stifle Renewable Energy Growth? Think Again

Tara Copeland | Apr 24, 2015

A recent report from the United Nations Environment Programme demonstrated a strong surge in green energy investment around the world, thanks in large part to new solar and wind power installations. Read More

Coal-Fired Electricity Plants Closing Across the U.S.

Tara Copeland | Apr 17, 2015

In 2014, the U.S. Read More

California: The Cutting Edge of Utility-Scale Solar Power

Tara Copeland | Apr 13, 2015

California is already leading the U.S. Read More

Medication Disposal: How to Keep Your Family and Environment Safe

Tara Copeland | Apr 1, 2015

With a little one at home who is about to start toddling, our family is deep in the throes of baby-proofing everything. Read More

4 Ways to Save Energy on St. Paddy's Day

Tara Copeland | Mar 11, 2015

What better time to go green than on St. Read More