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Debunking Common Misconceptions about the State of the Environment

Tara Copeland | May 8, 2015

In college, a friend of mine had this quote taped to his door: "Complacency is the evil of success." Read More

Think Falling Oil Prices Will Stifle Renewable Energy Growth? Think Again

Tara Copeland | Apr 24, 2015

A recent report from the United Nations Environment Programme demonstrated a strong surge in green energy investment around the world, thanks in large part to new solar and wind power installations. Read More

Coal-Fired Electricity Plants Closing Across the U.S.

Tara Copeland | Apr 17, 2015

In 2014, the U.S. Read More

California: The Cutting Edge of Utility-Scale Solar Power

Tara Copeland | Apr 13, 2015

California is already leading the U.S. Read More

Solar Company Fights Back Against Utility's Fee for Solar Customers

Tara Copeland | Mar 10, 2015

Last week, residential and commercial solar leasing company SolarCity filed suit against Arizona utility Salt River Project (SRP) for alleged use of anti-competitive practices. Read More

Tips to Save Energy throughout the Year

Tara Copeland | Jan 14, 2015

You resolved to save energy this year, but after reviewing your long list of to-dos, you started to have second thoughts. Read More

Green 2014: Year in Review

Tara Copeland | Jan 2, 2015

As we say goodbye to 2014, we take a look back at the year's great strides in green energy. Read More

Lessons Learned from Last Year's Polar Vortex and How to Prepare Now

Tara Copeland | Nov 10, 2014

Winter hasn't even officially begun, and residents in the central and eastern United States are already staring down the barrel of another polar vortex. Read More

Commerce Energy Boasts Lowest Variable Rate on Georgia Natural Gas

Tara Copeland | Oct 24, 2014

Georgia natural gas consumers looking for a great variable rate can find it with Commerce Energy. Read More

Get Champion Energy's Lowest Rate from SaveOnEnergy.com

Tara Copeland | Jul 15, 2014

When you're shopping for a new rate on Texas electricity for your home, you know SaveOnEnergy.com® is the place to find a range of providers and deals. Read More