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Ever wonder whether an energy saving tip you've heard actually works? Have questions about how to increase your energy savings? Looking for a quick laugh? The video team is here for you! With several online series aimed at entertaining, engaging and informing our viewers on the world of energy, there's plenty to explore!

Ask Kim

Kim from is here to answer all your energy savings questions. Whether you want to save money while doing laundry or reduce your hot water heater's energy usage, just Ask Kim!

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Fact or Fiction's Fact or Fiction series examines the effectiveness of common "energy saving tips" to give you a better idea of what actually works. Get the answers you're looking for with Fact or Fiction!

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Living The Green Life

Looking for fun ways to embrace a green lifestyle? Heather from has all sorts of suggestions on ways you and your family can go green!

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Save Responsibly

There are smart ways to save, and then there are responsible ways to save. These suggestions from our own Bender Smythe might help you choose the right path.

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