Living The Green Life - Halloween Costumes

Kids love dressing up for Halloween, possibly even more than they love getting candy! But buying flimsy costumes from the Halloween store year after year can get expensive – not to mention wasteful when they don't last more than a night. If you're ready to take a greener approach, follow our tips for reusing what you have at home for the most creative costumes yet.

Hi, I'm Heather from, here with another tip on Living the Green Life. As much fun as dressing up your kids for Halloween can be, buying new cheaply-made costumes each year is both expensive and wasteful. Rather than heading to the costume store this year, try a few of these suggestions to reuse what you already have at home. You'll save money and have fun watching your kids get creative!

The first thing to do is comb through your kids' closets, toys and games for useful props and accessories. You'll be surprised by how many costume ideas you can pull together with what you already have.

An eye patch, stuffed parrot and scarves scream pirate.

A wand completes any fairy costume.

Add some mystery to your princess with a mask.

A stethoscope and stuffed animals make a vet.

As you can see, it's not too hard to live the green life. We'll be back soon with more tips!

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September 30, 2014