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Learn About Deregulation and Austin, Texas, Energy

About 15 years ago, deregulation provided many Texas residents and business owners with the opportunity to choose an electric company – or retail electric provider (REP) – to supply their home or business with energy. Electric deregulation truly transformed the Texas energy industry. Now, REPs can compete for a customer’s business. Austin, Texas, energy plans could be available in deregulated residential and commercial settings. Overall, electric choice is a luxury that Texans should take advantage of, if possible. By exploring and evaluating different electricity rates in Austin, you’ll be able to establish the proper energy option for your home or business.

It’s important to note that residents and business owners in the city’s regulated areas do not have the ability to shop among REPs and Austin, Texas, energy plans.

Go green with an Austin, Texas, energy plan

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) states that Texas ranks fifth in the country for renewable energy generation. With Zero Waste and Green Building programs already in place, Austin is doing its part in making Texas more sustainable for its residents and business owners. Now, you can join in on the green movement too. Some REPs offer green energy plans for deregulated residential areas in Austin. If you choose a renewable energy plan, not only will you contribute to making your city more sustainable for future generations, but you’ll also support Texas’ green jobs.

Discover an Austin electric company today

When customers begin the Austin, Texas, energy shopping process, they should try to do as much research as possible before making a final decision. Take a closer look at each REP – an energy company might offer its customers features such as paperless billing or 24-hour customer service. Also, some of these companies might showcase dedication to community outreach projects or customer rewards programs. Take these factors into consideration and be sure to figure out what qualities you want from the REP you choose.

In addition to customer-friendly features, most Austin, Texas, energy plans offer either variable rates or price-protected rates. A variable rate can change monthly, depending on the energy market. This option gives customers access to a lower supply rate during low energy demand periods. However, it could also mean higher rates during periods of high demand, such as a heat wave. With a price-protected rate, you can be certain that your supply rate won’t fluctuate during your contract term.

Call for more information on electricity rates in Austin

If you’re looking for additional Austin, Texas, energy information specific to your area,® can help you! Residents can enter a ZIP code to see the types of plans available in the community. If you’re a business owner looking for a commercial electricity supply rate, we’ll need to evaluate details such as your location and energy usage. Once you provide us with that information, we can further discuss energy options. Residents and business owners also have the option to call us at any convenient time!

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