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Whether you live near city center or out near University Park, AT&T Stadium or the Dallas Arboretum, you can visit Dallas hotspots and compare electricity rates. Dallas is home to more than 2.5 million people and has a diverse selection of restaurants, shops and attractions to meet resident and visitor needs. Think of your energy choice in a similar way. In your area, you have access to competitive energy companies. When you get to know your Dallas energy options, you have a better chance of discovering your ideal electricity plan.

Today is your chance to find an energy solution for your home or business. View SaveOnEnergy.com’s convenient pricing grid below and sort results by specific plan features you’re interested in. When you’re ready, give us a call so we can assist you!

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Explore your Dallas energy options

No matter whether you're a business owner, seasoned Texas homeowner or new Dallas resident, you have electric choice. View SaveOnEnergy.com's pricing grid below and search for different companies, term lengths and more. When you're ready, give us a call so we can assist you! 

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New to Dallas? Learn about your electric choice

Energy choice allows you to explore Dallas energy providers in your ZIP code. In Texas, residents can't stick with their utility company for electricity supply and must choose a retail electric provider. Electric choice allows you to decide what the best energy company in Dallas is based on your needs.

Take time to discover the variety of electricity rates in Dallas and find out what type of plan will work best for your home's energy usage. Most providers offer fixed-rate and variable-rate supply plans. A fixed-rate plan provides users with price protection for their contract duration. A variable-rate plan might change from month to month depending on energy market changes. Both supply rates have pros and cons, so do some research. In addition, providers might offer green energy supply plans, a variety of term lengths and customer perks such as rewards programs, automatic bill pay and 24-hour customer service.

What is the best electricity company in Dallas?

The retailers below are some of the oldest in the Texas energy market. If you're looking for the best electricity company in Dallas, it depends on your individual needs. The company that's best for you might be different than the one your next door neighbor chooses. Search for a company with years of experience, fixed-rate supply plans, rewards program opportunities or whatever you feel is most important.

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Because of electric choice, Texans don't have to settle or stick with a provider that doesn’t meet their expectations. If you're looking to switch providers, don't make an impulse decision. However, if you're switching providers before your term's end date, double-check your contract's terms and conditions for any cancellation fees.

Understand business electricity rates in Dallas

Do you own a small or large business in the area? Don't miss out on the opportunity to choose from competitive electric options. Today, you can receive a custom quote and find a supply plan with one of the top energy companies in Dallas. A custom quote accommodates each business' individual needs. Typically, a custom quote considers important factors such as a business' average electricity consumption and its commitment to green energy.

View featured plans and Dallas energy providers

Are you still browsing for Dallas energy options that align with your home's energy consumption? We've evaluated supply offers in your area from leading energy companies. Electricity rates in your neighborhood will vary, so make sure you understand what you're looking for. Shop for a supply rate based on company history, contract type and length, customer rewards and more.

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Energy Plans

Supplier NameProduct NameProduct Term (months)Rate/Price (per kWh)
4Change EnergyGenerous Saver 12129.8 ¢
TXU EnergySmart Deal 12129.9 ¢
Champion Energy Services TXChamp Saver-121210.8 ¢
4Change EnergyBudget Saver 12129.3 ¢
Just Energy TXTexas Essentials 363613.1 ¢
TXU EnergyFree Nights & Solar Days 242414.5 ¢
TXU EnergySeason Pass 121213.3 ¢
Just Energy TXTexas Advantage 242412.7 ¢
TXU EnergySmart Deal 242410.9 ¢
Bounce EnergyTerrific 121210.0 ¢
TXU EnergyFree Nights & Solar Days 363614.5 ¢
Bounce EnergyTremendous 242410.0 ¢
Frontier UtilitiesLight Saver 12+129.9 ¢
TXU EnergySolar Saver 121210.9 ¢
TriEagle EnergyGreen Eagle 121211.1 ¢
TXU EnergySmart Edge 121212.7 ¢
TriEagle EnergySilver Eagle 121211.1 ¢
Frontier UtilitiesLight Saver 24+2410.2 ¢
Direct Energy TXLive Brighter 121210.2 ¢
TXU EnergySmart Deal 363611.9 ¢

Know when to contact your utility company

Once you shop among electricity rates in Dallas and select a supply offer, you'll still communicate with your utility company on occasion. Oncor serves the Dallas area and responds to emergencies regarding damaged wires and power outages. Also, Oncor might provide helpful updates, giving you the latest information on severe weather and power interruptions in Dallas.

Outage and emergency line: 1-888-313-4747

Customer service line: 1-888-313-6862

Updated: 11-10­-16. Sources: www.census.gov; www.visitdallas.com; www.oncor.com.