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Best Energy-Saving Smart Thermostats

Written by Faith Foushee

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 11/22/2022

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FAQs about smart thermostats

  • Yes. Smart thermostats save energy by adjusting the temperature in your home based on your schedule. Some smart thermostats adjust during periods of high electricity demand and can also be enrolled in energy savings programs. 

  • Yes, using a smart thermostat can lower your electricity bill. Smart thermostats have energy-saving features that standard thermostats do not have. For example, smart thermostats send energy usage reports to your smartphone app to help you understand energy use in your home. These reports can help you understand and adjust usage to reduce your electricity bill.

  • Investing in a smart thermostat can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Some energy providers provide rebates and incentives. Contact your energy provider to learn if they have any offers. 

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