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States with energy choice

Fifteen states now have deregulated energy markets, whether for electricity, natural gas, or both. Now, consumers have more control over their energy bills with the option to choose between many competitive rates and plans.

Look for your state below to see if it benefits from energy deregulation and to learn more about the rules in your area. Some states limit deregulation to commercial or industrial customers, so we’ve only listed those who offer widespread residential and business choice.

What does energy choice mean?

Energy choice, also known as energy deregulation, gives residents and businesses the power to choose their electricity or natural gas provider. While utility companies still deliver the energy, suppliers (also known as providers or ESCOs) sell energy to consumers.

Because it introduces competition into the market, consumers can find lower rates or plans that better fit their needs than what their utility company offers.

If you experience a power outage or other energy emergency, you should still contact your utility company. If you have questions about your energy plan or bill, contact your supplier.

How to use your energy choice

That part is easy. Enter your ZIP code above to go to the marketplace where we’ll show you rates and plans in your area. We get paid by our partners so you can shop at no charge to you – no matter which plan you choose.

Once you’ve made your choice, sign up online or over the phone in just a few minutes. Need help picking or don’t want to sign up online? Call one of our energy experts and they can guide you through the process. is a deregulated electricity marketplace for residents and business owners in Texas. If you are shopping for energy in any of the other states listed above, please see our sister site,

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